ZLDG Automatic lubricating oil filling machine

Group automatic oil filling machine
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment all
Update Time 2019-10-22
Item specifics
Filling Volume1-5L
Filling speed1800-2200 bottles/hour (5L)
Filling accuracy±0.1%
Voltage380V 50/60Hz
air pressure0.5-0.7MPA
machine size2450*1750*2400mm
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  • This machine is a full-automatic weighing lubricating oil filling machine designed according to the characteristics of lubricating oil. The machine is compact and reasonable in design, beautiful in appearance, convenient in filling quantity adjustment and high in precision. Drawing on the advanced filling process control technology from European and American countries, the imported color touch screen man-machine interface, filling process to achieve a key operation, stable performance. Two 316 storage tanks are used to solve the problem of large filling volume. One inlet controls the liquid level of two tanks and one storage tank controls five filling heads respectively, which is faster and more accurate.

    Technical parameter

    Filling Volume
    Filling speed
    1800-2200 bottles/hour (5L)
    Filling accuracy
    380V 50/60Hz
    air pressure
    machine size


    1, SUS316L drip-proof filling head: 316L stainless steel refined, specially designed for edible oil filling, through the good, fine throwing inside and outside, the real food grade.
    2. Feeding port: connect the storage tank and inject it into the storage box by power through the feeding port.
    3. Vacuum return suction pipe: the color difference between the air pipe and the material pipe is convenient for maintenance and replacement. Black trachea, white vacuum suction back.
    4. Receiving groove: prevent the material from spilling on the ground and cleaning trouble during debugging or failure.
    5. Electronic control module: electronic control module, all control is controlled by software programming, which is convenient for maintenance.
    6. Chinese-english bilingual touch screen control: man-machine interface, through the intelligent system to control the parameters of the whole machine, adjust the operation of the whole machine.7. stainless steel body: food grade 304 stainless steel body, in line with the national food hygiene standards.8.Conveyor belt: frequency conversion power is separated, and the starting and stopping of the conveyor belt are buffered to ensure smooth transportation and prevent bottle pouring and material splashing.