Automatic 5L Olive Oil Filling and Packing Machine
Automatic 5L Olive Oil Filling and Packing Machine
US $8000
1 piece

Item specifics

Filling Range
5-60 Ml, 50-500ml, 500-5000ml, etc.
Filling Speed
1200-1800 bottle/min
Filling accuracy
Within 0.5%
Air pressure
8 kg/cm2
Filling range
5-60 ml,50-500ml,500-5000ml,etc.



Product Description

This 5 l olive oil filling and packing machine is applied to fill liquid and semiliquid ( viscous liquid, ointment) products into various containers. It is equipped with two filling nozzles, so the filling speed is higher than single head liquid filling machine.

Technical Parameters

Filling speed1200-1800 bottle/min
Filling accuracyWithin 0.5%
Air pressure8 kg/cm2
Filling range5-60 ml,50-500ml,500-5000ml,etc.
air consumption23 L/min,44 L/min,160 L/min,450 L/min,etc.
Weight11 kg,22kg,36kg,60kg,etc
Overall size92×28×40 cm,102×30×40 cm,etc.
The parameters are only for reference.

Description of 5 L Olive Oil Filling and Packing Machine

This 5 l olive oil filling and packing machine is especially suitable for the explosion-resistant and humid production environment.

It is widely used in pharmacy, foodstuff, chemical, cosmetic industries and other special industries.

All the components that come in contact with product are made of 316L stainless steel which is sourced from Sweden and processed by CNC machines to ensure a surface roughness lower than 0.8,no pollution, easy cleaning, meet the GMP standard.

This equipment is controlled by compressed air, so it is suitable for using at explosion-Resistant and humid environment.

Because of the pneumatic controls and mechanical positioning, this equipment has high filling accuracy which is within 0.5%.