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Update Time 2018-12-10
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Scope of application:

flowmeter edible oil filling machine is widely used in filling a variety of oils and viscous liquids, such as peanut oil, blend oil, rapeseed oil and other edible oil filling.

Technical parameters of flowmeter edible oil filling machine
Filling speed: 500-1000 (barrels / hour)
Filling capacity: 1-6L/ 0.1-1L/ >6L
Filling accuracy: ± ≤ 0.3% FS
Power Supply: 220/380V 3 phase +Earth Wire, 50 Hz
Pressure: 0.5-0.8Mpa
Humidity: <98 %
Ambient temperature: 0~40°C

Principle Features of flowmeter edible oil filling machine
1.the advantage of flowmeter way: The adjustment in dosage is convenience and quick, the volume only need to be set on the touchscreen directly, considered that the vegetable oil is different in density in the different temperature, resulting in the volume setting different, we have added an automatic temperature-compensated system.
2.the accuracy of filling: instead of the tranditional computing type of flowmeter -- through pulse generator, now the sunflower oil filling machine is promoted by our company, adopting rotary encoder is more accurate.
3.the speed of filling: instead of the traditional power delivery -- pressure artesian flow, our automatic coconut oil filling machine adopting frequency converter to adjust the speed of filling, the efficiency highly raised. The speed can be arbitrarily adjusted on panel.
4.the adjustment of filling accuracy, promoted by our company, the weight of filling can be set on the touchscreen.The 5000ml sunflower oil filling machine carries on automatic conpensation system when error occurs.
5.each filling head’s speed of machine can be set on touchscreen.
6.conveyor belt be adjusted by frequency conversion