reagent filling machine
reagent filling machine
reagent filling machine
reagent filling machine
reagent filling machine
reagent filling machine



reagent filling machine
The reagent filling machine is suitable for liquid filling and sealing of caps. It is mainly used for quantitative packaging and automatic sealing equipment for diagnostic reagents, liquid sampling tubes and other tubular containers. The transmission and capping mechanism is driven by a servo motor, which makes the filling and capping more stable and reliable. Double-head filling and double-lid sealing greatly improve production efficiency. The structure is compact, the floor space is small, and the movement is convenient. Place the container manually.
Filling machine name
liquid filling machine
Power supply
Machine size
Length 1200mm Width 900mm Height 1150mm
Machine weight
Production rate
40-50 Tubes/Minute
Filling accuracy
Filling range
3-20ml (Can be customized)

Servo-driven, accurate positioning, high efficiency, stability, and no damage to the cap. The liquid filling machine is double-head filling and double-head sealing, which greatly improves the efficiency.

The reagent filling machine has a dual touch screen structure, modular design, and more convenient and quicker
man-machine dialogue.

Alcohol filling machine peristaltic pump filling, high cleanliness, in line with medical and health standards
The Alcohol filling machine is our company's traditional filling and capping equipment series, which is suitable for filling and capping various round, hand-washing gel liquid filling machines and special-shaped bottles and small bottles. It is mainly suitable for filling various diagnostic reagents, 10ml eye drop filling machine injections, disinfectants, oral liquids and syrups, wine, essential oils and various medical liquids.