DT-16 Automatic anti-corrosion liquid filling machine
DT-16 Automatic anti-corrosion liquid filling machine

Item specifics

Filling head
Production capacity
1000-3500 bottles/hour
Filling capacity
Filling volume
Air pressure

Product review


DT-16 Automatic anti-corrosion liquid filling machine

Product introduce:

Anti-corrosive filling machine is specially developed for filling corrosive liquids and

cosmetics which can not touch metal liquids. PP (polypropylene) material is used in the

main body of the equipment, and PTFE material is used in the liquid passage part. The

exposed metal parts (such as cylinders, motors, etc.) are all protected and treated. They

are placed in the PP plastic box to prevent the corrosive gas damage caused by volatile

flying, so as to ensure the long-term use of the equipment. The equipment is controlled by

Taida PLC and color touch screen. It has stable performance, friendly operation interface

and clear parameter setting. Electrical appliances adopt the French Schneider brand, and

the pneumatic part adopts the Taiwanese Yadeke brand, so as to ensure the long-term

stable operation of the equipment.

Technical parameter:

Filling head6-12
Applicable bottle height
Applicable bottle diameter
Production capacity40 bottles/min
Filling accuracy1%
Filling volume20-1000ml


1. Linear design, suitable for all types of bottles (including special-shaped bottles).

2. Easy adjustment, no bottle filling, accurate filling quantity and counting function.

3. The equipment has a positioning system and a liquid level control system to ensure the

accurate positioning of the bottle mouth.

4. The equipment adopts anti-corrosion and anti-drip filling head to ensure no drip leakage

and no wire drawing after closing the filling head, which is the leading technology in the country.

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