Automatic Jelly Glue Sachet Packing Machine
Automatic Jelly Glue Sachet Packing Machine
US $10000
1 piece

Item specifics

Filling Capacity
1 liters - 5 liters
Packing Speed
5-40 bag / min
Film width
Bag width
Film coil diameter
Film thickness
65 microns -100 microns
Packaging film
all kinds of heat sealing compound film
Gas consumption



Machine:Automatic Jelly Glue Sachet Packing Machine

Main Features 

this liquid packing machine is belong to airless type bag packaging machine is suitable for to packing all kinds of viscous flow material, such as lotus seed paste, chickpeas, peanut butter, tomato sauce, seasoning sauce, oil, liquid, such as without need to exhaust, vacuum pumping machine and other auxiliary equipment.

Scope of Application

This sauce stuffing liquid packing machine is suitable for packing various liquid and viscous food, medicines and chemical products and so on.  Such as fruit salad, tomato sauce, honey, edible oil, seasoning, vegetable juice, lotus seed paste, sweet bean sauce and so on. And at the sam time, this non food category products can be packed as well, like cream, cleaning agent, lubricating oil, industrial paste and so on.

Main Features 

All stainless steel structure, so it is very durable and can be ensure hygiene

Simple operation type, easy to operate, so don't need to hire professional and technical personnel.

Imported PLC control, user-friendly interface, greatly improve the control accuracy, reliability, intelligence and adjustment range

Equiped with Level sensor monitoring, easy to adjust the length of bag

Photoelectric switch automatic tracking of color film so that it can keep the consistent with the speed of the pump to ensure accuracy

Bilateral tension membrane more quickly and stable and less friction

Adopted Various imported high-quality components so that ensure the equipment's high quality and high performance.

Don't need additional ejector or vacuum pumping device, it can be produced without air.

Technical Specification

Filling Capacity1 liters - 5 liters
Packing Speed5-40 bag / min
Film width350mm-520mm
Bag width 160mm-250mm
Film coil diameter 300mm
Film thickness65 microns -100 microns
Packaging filmall kinds of heat sealing compound film
Voltage415V/50Hz /3phase
Gas consumption3MPA
Machine Weight700KG
Product packaging specifications 1580*1380*1990 (mm)

Our certifications:

Quality Control:

In order to ensure product quality, all suppliers of raw materials, electrical components, and industrial automation that strictly control all aspects of circulation are from well-known brands at home and abroad. They must be strictly inspected by quality inspectors before entering the warehouse. Use, product production is completed, from the assembly plant into the commissioning workshop, after a number of rounds of precision and speed test, after commissioning can be allowed to leave the factory.

After-Sales Service:
1. Technical support online service provided.
2. Technical files service provided. 
3. On-site training service provided.
4. Spare parts replacement and repair service provided.

1. Cover by PVC film + fumigated wooden case;
2. Wooden case suitable for long distance ocean shipping.

Our Company:
Shandong Dongtai Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 and is located in Lingang Economic Development Zone, Jinan, China. The company is committed to the design, manufacture and sales of packaging machinery and equipment. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of automated packaging machinery equipment. The company has professional technicians, engineers and sales and after-sales service personnel, forming a team of high quality, young, highly innovative spirit.