Box packing machine
Box packing machine
Box packing machine
Box packing machine
Box packing machine

Item specifics

Packaging speed
12 boxes per minute
Box size
operating mode
Screen display operation
euipment dimensions
4583* 1200*1663mm(L*W*H)
380V 50HZ~60HZ ( customer specific)
Air pressure
6.0 kg/cm2
Air consumption



Applicable product description:

Boxes and boxes of all kinds of cans and aluminum cans packed in boxes Box packing

specifications of various PET, PE, PP bottles of the whole box, box automatic packaging.

Technical parameter:

Packaging speed12 boxes per minute
Box sizewidth:160mm-480mm,length:200-762mm
Operating modeScreen display operation
Euipment dimensions
4583* 1200*1663mm(L*W*H)
Voltage380V 50HZ~60HZ ( customer specific)
Air pressure 6.0 kg/cm2
Air consumption

Machinery application:

This machine is used for the packing of PET bottles, tin cans, glass bottles and other

products. The bottle type contains the special-shaped bottle, including the nozzle bottle,

the impingement cover, etc.It is widely used in daily chemical, beverage, food, medicine

and other industries.

Description of the process:

This machine will one mesh belt conveyor bottle order, respectively for six rows of five or

four rows (depends on how "packing method), precast box under product delivery to the

location, using the use of slip slide body to accurate positioning the products in cartons,

packing products after conveyor line output   

product feature:

Unique sliding mechanism to reduce impact and collision;have patent;

Main drive servo drive: ensure packing speed and precision.;

There is a buffer mechanism under the drop-off mechanism to reduce the loss of parts.;

Change the product quickly and easily.;

Lightweight, have an advantage for pressure-sensitive products