Bottle feeding machine

Group Finishing bottle equipment
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment all
Update Time 2019-01-23
Item specifics
Overall size2000×1200×1000mm
Production capacity≤ 3000 bottles/hour
Applicable specifications1-4Lbottle
Equipped with power supply220V 50Hz 1.5KW
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Main feature

The machine is suitable for sorting and feeding of various plastic buckets, and has stable performance. It can be used together with the automatic packaging line to save labor and increase production efficiency. Put the whole barrel flat on the platform, and push the rod automatically to push the belt into the barrel. Orderly, do not hurt the barrel. It is composed of PLC control electric part, photoelectric sensor and frequency conversion governor. It has high integration level, strong control ability, reliable operation and can be controlled in conjunction with filling equipment.

Main parameters

Overall size 
Production capacity
≤ 3000 bottles/hour
Applicable specifications
Equipped with power supply
220V 50Hz 1.5KW