Automatic linear type vacuum capping machine

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Update Time 2019-10-22
Item specifics
Capacity20-30 bottles/min
Tightening torque3-10Nm
Pressure inside the bottle≤67KPa
Bottle diameter45-85mm
Adapt to the cap38-70mm
Bottle height30-180mm
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Automatic linear type vacuum capping machine

Product introduce:

Linear automatic vacuum capping machine adopts machine electrical integration design

and PLC electronic fiber sensing control. Completely into the bottle - vacuum - screw cap -

out of the bottle. No bottle is not vacuumed, the vacuum pressure does not reach

0.06MPA, the screw is not screwed, and the bottle is truly oxygen-free and sterile. To

ensure the shelf life of materials, it is an ideal choice for food, pharmaceutical and other

industries. The device is easy to operate, easy to maintain, and easy to clean.

Technical parameter:

Capacity20-30 bottles/min
Tightening torque
Pressure inside the bottle
Bottle diameter
Adapt to the cap
Bottle height


1.The automatic vacuuming and screwing cover is integrated, and the degree of automation is high;

2.The screw cap torque and vacuum can be set as needed to ensure that the vacuum is absolutely up to standard;

3.Suitable for a variety of round bottle caps, strong compatibility;

4.Stainless steel design, easy adjustment of various components;

5.The use of internationally renowned brands of electrical and pneumatic components to

ensure stable, reliable and durable equipment.

Working principle:

(1) After the bottle is filled, an automatic capping machine (or manual capping) is

transported from left to right. Enter the vacuum capping station (the prototype is three stations)

(2) After entering the station, the vacuum cup cover is dropped, and the vacuum cap is opened.

(3) Vacuum capping