Small Sachets Granule packing machine
Small Sachets Granule packing machine



Product Name:Small Sachets Granule packing machine

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1. Application

  Automatic particles packing machine is suitable for automatic packaging of extruded foodpeanut seeds,monosodium glutamate,, sugarsalt and so on. The automatic packaging machine can automatically complete the packing of particle, fluid and semi-fluid, powder, film and capsule. The packaging machine has to be fully automatic from the measuring, filling, and the date to the product output, easy and easy to save costs.


2. Features and Advantages

1. The automatic particles packaging machine adopts photoelectric eye control system and has stable performance.
2. The machine maximizes the control precision, speed range and intellectualization degree.  
3. The machine is equipped with a fault display system, which can quickly find out the cause and location of the fault and troubleshoot the fault in time.  
4. The automatic particle packaging machine adopts high precision tooth shape design, so that the sealing is very tight.  


3. Technical Parameters

Product Name
Small Sachets Granule packing machine
stainless steel
Filling volume
Packing speed
Rate Of Work
Machine Dimension
2180*2380*3560 (mm)
wooden case


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Quality Control


Iorder to ensure product quality, all suppliers of raw materials, electrical components, and industrial automation that strictly control all aspects of circulation are from well-known brands at home and abroad. They must be strictly inspected by quality inspectors before entering the warehouse. Use, product production is completed, from the assembly plant into the commissioning workshop, after a number of rounds of precision and speed test, after commissioning can be allowed to leave the factory.






Packaging & Shipping


1. Cover by PVC film + fumigated wooden case;

2. Wooden case suitable for long distance ocean shipping.


After-Sales Service


1. Technical support online service provided.
2. Technical files service provided.
3. On-site training service provided.
4. Spare parts replacement and repair service provided.