What is the difference between a semi-automatic vacuum capping machine and a automatic vacuum capping machine?

Time: 2019-10-26
Summary: Automatic vacuum capping machine

What is the difference between a semi-automatic vacuum

capping machine and automatic vacuum capping machine?

The vacuum capping machine is a kind of mechanical equipment used for extracting

vacuum and screwing the upper cover. It is a semi-automatic machine integrating

automatic vacuum capping. Its outstanding feature is the double-station reciprocating

motion, which is simpler than switching the vacuum chamber, saving time and improving

efficiency. The utility model adopts manual feeding, automatic screwing and manual

working mode, which protects the material itself and reduces the loss of materials.

The vacuum capping machine can make the bottle have no oxygen and no bacteria to

breed, ensuring the shelf life of the food, and the safety and hygiene of the food is further

guaranteed. The vacuum capping machine is fully automatic and semi-automatic.

The automatic vacuum capping machine has higher sealing efficiency than the semi-

automatic vacuum capping machine. The machine is relatively large and not easy to

move, but the price is relatively expensive.

The small semi-automatic vacuum capping machine can be said to be the “group pet”

in the industry, mainly because of its good performance, fast production efficiency, small

and convenient model, and the automatic capping machine is not inferior, but the price is

cheap. a lot of. Therefore, compared with the fully automatic vacuum capping machine, it

is more suitable for start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore, when

we buy a machine, we must first choose a fully automatic vacuum capping machine or a

semi-automatic vacuum capping machine according to our actual situation.

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