High-dose cooking oil filling machine

Time: 2019-05-29
Summary: Automatic cooking oil filling machine

High-dose cooking oil filling machine

The high-dose cooking oil filling machine adopts special anti-drip nozzle and vacuum

sucking technology to completely eliminate the drawbacks of oil dripping after filling, and

ensure that the finished product is not contaminated by the filling residual liquid. The

medium-package liquid filling machine adopts intelligent double-flow rate control

technology. The large flow rate is used in the early stage of filling, and the small flow rate

is used in the late filling stage to ensure that the filling medium does not overflow.

Equipment Description: This high-dose filling machine is suitable for 500ml-10L model flow

meter type filling machine (self-powered, no high tank), adopts German Siemens PLC

main control program, touch screen operation, filling specifications and irrigation

Adjustable capacity, vacuum suction, double-speed filling, fast filling efficiency, high

measurement accuracy, suitable for medium-quantity filling of high-viscosity liquids such

as edible oils and lubricating oils.

Suitable products: such as vegetable oil, edible oil, olive oil, palm oil, lubricating oil, engine

oil, gear oil, lubricating oil, etc.

Filling volume :6heads 2000-2200b/h(500ml) ,10heads 3000-3200b/h(500ml),16 heads


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