Automatic engine oil filling machine, here is the manufacturer

Time: 2019-05-21
Summary: Automatic 4 heads engine oil filling machine

Automatic engine oil filling machine, here is the manufacturer

How to clean and maintain the engine oil filling machine? Let me make a short explanation

for everyone.

1.Replace the exhaust filter on the engine oil filling machine in time. Once the vacuum

pump temperature is significantly increased, the motor current reaches or exceeds the

rated current, and there is soot in the pump exhaust port. Insert the exhaust filter to check

for blockage. If it is blocked, replace it with new ones. In addition, an exhaust pressure

gauge is installed at the pump filling hole of the vacuum machine to check whether the

filter is clogged. Once the pressure exceeds 0.6 Pa, replace the exhaust filter.

2.Clean the valve flap of the engine oil filling machine. When the nozzle of the oil filling

machine leaks, clean the valve flap in the nozzle with the cleaning liquid and blow it off

with an air compressor to ensure that the nozzle is clean and flat.

3.To clean the suction filter of the engine oil filling machine, the suction filter should be

kept clean and the suction filter is a filter to prevent large particles of impurities.

4.The main operation steps are: after stopping the pump, unscrew the nozzle connector

from the nozzle, loosen the four screws on the nozzle, take out the suction filter in the

nozzle, put it into the cleaning solution, and then dry it. , wipe the nozzle flat, install the

suction filter into the nozzle, and tighten the nozzle with four screws.

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