How much do you know about edible oil filling machine?

Time: 2019-05-20
Summary: Automatic edible oil filling machine

How much do you know about edible oil filling machine?

The role of edible oil in our lives is a top priority. Our cooking, steaming, frying, and

simmering are inseparable from it. People eat food for the day, and there are many kinds

of edible oil.such as cottonseed oil,soybean oil,colza oil,corn oil,tea-seed oil,sesame

oil,rice bran oil,olive oil,palm oil,cooking oil,edible oil,sunflower oil.vegetable oil,linseed

oil,safflower oil,walnut oil,peanut oil,grape seed oil etc.They are also available in a variety

of sizes, including 500ml, 1L, 5L, 10L and more. Therefore, I will lead you to understand

the edible oil filling machine.

According to the degree of automation, the edible oil filling machine can be divided into a

semi-automatic filling machine and a full-automatic filling machine. According to the

function, it can be divided into a double-head semi-automatic edible oil filling machine.

Product Features :

1. The edible oil filling machine adopts high-precision flow meter with German high-

precision pulse transmitter, and performs temperature collection in real time to compensate

the density change of oil due to temperature difference, thus effectively ensuring the

accuracy of filling measurement.

2.volume and mass two measurement methods freely convert, to overcome the loss of oil

due to the temperature becomes lower and the density is still larger when the volume is


3.unique filling head design and vacuum suction system to ensure that the site and

packaged products are free from residual liquid pollution, the first fast and slow double-

speed filling can be set arbitrarily, the filling speed is adjustable, and the pump pressure is

solved quickly. Overfilling phenomenon during filling. 4.the use of power filling, no need to

be equipped with high-position tanks, simplifying the installation process, reducing

production costs and improving filling efficiency.

5.The main components of electricity and gas are matched with high-quality components

to ensure the reliability, accuracy, stability and durability of the system operation.

6.This machine has high filling precision, stable performance, easy operation and

adjustment, and excellent quality.

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