Lubricating oil filling machine leap across the times!

Time: 2019-05-15
Summary: Automatic lubricating oil filling machine(2/4/6/8/10/12 heads,can be customized according customer request)

Lubricating oil filling machine leap across the times!

With the rapid increase in car ownership and the extension of average car life, the

potential of the automotive aftermarket is huge, and the huge automotive maintenance

industry market demand brings unprecedented opportunities to the closely related

lubricant industry and lubricant filling machines. And challenges.

In the new round of consumption upgrade in the automotive aftermarket, product quality

and brand influence are increasingly valued by consumers, especially in the lubricant

industry and lubricant filling machines. Production and technology are the key to product

quality, and quality assurance is The display of brand value is the right way for sustainable


Lubricating oil filling machine product performance


1. Unique multi-filling head and suckback system designed for no dripping, ensuring that

the production site and finished products are not contaminated by liquid materials.

2. The touch screen of the man-machine interface greatly facilitates the adjustment of

parameters and the testing of various functions.

3, high-precision flowmeter to ensure filling accuracy

4, the bottle height can be adjusted according to needs, the adjustment is simple, fast and


5, filling mouth flushing form has umbrella surface or straight flush type, suitable for

different liquid filling, umbrella surface type suitable for foaming liquid material

6. The stepless adjuster can adjust the speed of the stainless steel conveyor belt and

flexibly coordinate the synchronization of multiple processes.

7. The pneumatic glanding device has wide applicability. The pneumatic capping cover is

of different specifications and different shapes. The cap can be replaced to adapt to the

caps of various caps.

8. The main pneumatic and electrical components are imported components to ensure

stable system performance and excellent quality.

9. The pumping fluid supplied by the pump has greatly improved the production capacity.

10, with pause and forcible stop function, easy to handle emergency treatment under any


The above is about the product performance characteristics of the lubricant filling

machine. To learn more about the lubricant filling machine, please click on the lubricant

filling machine link to get more content.

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