Automatic essential oil filling capping machine,Winning with excellence.

Time: 2019-05-13
Summary: Automatic essential oil filling and capping machine

Automatic essential oil filling capping machine,Winning with


With the rapid development of packaging machinery technology and the application of

technical strength, as well as the great situation that machinery manufacturers are keeping

an eye on the market, we are actively researching and developing machines with more

complete functions to meet the needs of the current market, and also seize the opportunity

to develop the enterprise. Strengthen the foundation and lay the foundation.

Now, with the continuous development of the economy, it has also promoted the

development of essential oil filling machines.

product description:

The essential oil filling production line is an automatic filling production line suitable for

small-dose dropper cap essential oils, liquid foundations, nail varnishes, perfumes, eye

creams, etc., or test liquids and other dropper cap liquids. The main components are the

bottle unscrambler, the essential oil filling and capping machine, and the labeling machine.

Performance characteristics:

1. The drip tube cover essential oil filling production line includes several main

procedures: automatic bottle handling, turntable bottle feeding, automatic filling, capping,

labeling and bottle collection.

2, suitable for small doses of automatic production lines containing drip tube cover, pump

head cover essential oil, perfume, liquid foundation, essence, eye cream and other skin

care products, cosmetics, pharmaceutical industry.

3. The drip tube cover filling and capping machine is filled with peristaltic pump, which is

accurate in measurement, convenient in operation, and has no dripping function.

4, the production line color touch screen interface operation, PLC control system, no bottle

is not filled, no internal plug, no upper cover.

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