Customer Site of Automatic Sauce Filler

Time: 2019-03-16

Customer Site of Automatic Sauce Filler 

Customer Purchase Equipment List:

One double-head chili sauce filling machine, one four-head vacuum capping machine, one bottle mouth automatic film covering machine, one bottle mouth automatic shrinking machine and one glass bottle labeling machine

Customer Material: Chopped Pepper Sauce
Filling range: 100-250 G
Design and production speed: 1500-2000 bottles

From raw materials to machine processing, from acceptance of processed parts to assembly of whole machine, from single machine equipment to whole line testing, we Dongtai people are meticulously carving, which is the most effective way to maintain consistency with customers and customer satisfaction.

From Henan friends, from a device to a set of sauce filling line. From the first time I saw a bosom friend. Thank you for your support! Let's witness the growth and take-off of the enterprise.

It saves the time and cost of manual management and gives the boss time to consider the layout and development direction of the enterprise.


Dongtai Machinery, as always, pursues excellence and realizes the ideal of ecological co-creation with customers.

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