Master these three points! Easy daily maintenance of edible oil filling line

Time: 2019-02-19

How to extend the service life of vegetable oil filling machine? These daily maintenance is

very important, so how should we maintain it? Today, we will enter Dongtai and our

technicians will share the most correct maintenance skills.

1. The filling operation of vegetable oil filling machine is divided into automatic and

manual. When using the manual for height machine, it only needs to push the contact

tongue with the bottle mouth, that is, start to suck the material. You need to pay attention

to not touching the tongue when filling. When automatic is used, the bottle must be placed

under the discharge port. The filling switch starts to be filled as soon as it is opened, and

the bottle is replaced in time.

2. Leakage of the lower part of the cylinder indicates that the piston seal is worn and the

seal is required to be replaced.

3. When the filling is found to be inaccurate, it should be checked that the feed check

valve may be caught by debris, resulting in a tight seal and affecting the filling volume.

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