Objective and technology for the development of pepper sauce filling machine to hold up a day

Time: 2018-12-30

Nowadays, driven by the scientific and technological market, the development of all walks of life has been greatly promoted. The development of filling machine industry has been recognized by consumers. We can see various sauces in the market. For example, chili sauce, chili sauce, broad bean sauce, etc., these sauces are closely related to our diet and life, is the choice of thousands of families on the table, the large production of sauce products directly led to the automatic pepper sauce filling machine has brought a broad space for development

As the sauce market continues to develop, the market has a variety of sauce packaging, it seems that manufacturers are not less in the sauce packaging efforts. However, this automatic pepper sauce filling machine is also very new. The following xiaobian reveals the new skills of automatic pepper sauce filling machine:

1, rapid cleaning, easy to adjust, volume cylinder action stepless speed regulation, suitable for different specifications, different materials filling. Once the filling amount is adjusted, each volume cylinder block can be adjusted slightly, with high filling precision and good consistency. Contact material material is 316 stainless steel, silicone rubber, in accordance with QS specifications.

2, the imported reducer motor stepless speed control filling plunger cylinder, not only suitable for all kinds of paste, but also suitable for sauce.

3. The imported electromagnetic clutch and brake work together to eliminate inertia and achieve high filling precision.

4, man-machine interface and PLC communication, debugging equipment or change varieties only on the screen setting. Filling, positioning, filling and discharging are all automatic operations.

5. The device will automatically protect the bottle when it is not in place during filling and when the bottle is blocked and the liquid outlet pipe is not inserted into the bottle, and continue the operation after elimination.

In the face of increasing market demand, filling machinery is quietly changing, constantly increase the strength of innovation and development, in order to accelerate the progress of China's automatic packaging machine enterprises, and change the performance of China's automatic pepper sauce filling machine is not perfect.

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