Pneumatic paste filling machine to the direction of mechanical diversification

Time: 2018-12-25

We must have a certain understanding of the filling machine, filling machine refers to the automatic filling equipment, filling machine according to the material, filling mode, structure and so on is divided into many kinds, but the filling principle of all kinds of filling machine with the same diameter, is the pneumatic plunger filling, so what is the pneumatic plunger filling machine?

Paste filling machine is the use of compressed air as power, is composed of precision pneumatic components an automatic filling system, the structure is simple, reliable and convenient adjustment, to adapt to all kinds of liquid, viscous fluid, paste filling also applicable in the inflammable and explosive environment work, is the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, cosmetics and other industries the ideal filling equipment.

Pneumatic paste filling machine is mainly suitable for chemical, food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, pesticide, lube oil industries of liquid materials such as paste quantitative filling, the filling machine of cylinder body, chassis and hopper are made of stainless steel material, the pistons are tetrafluoroethylene materials, pneumatic parts adopt imported pneumatic components, in accordance with GMP [requirements, pneumatic paste filling machine filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted, with foot switch and function of automatic filling, high precision and concise structure, convenient operation.

The improvement of industrial demand will promote the progress of technology, qigong paste filling machine is also in the continuous improvement, filling machine development trend needs to cooperate with the development of industrial automation, in the technical development towards the diversification of mechanical functions.

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