How to choose the Liquid, Granule and Powder Packaging Machine

publisher: Abby Lv
Time: 2018-12-15

Nowadays,liquid,granule and powder packaging machines are widely used in daily life. Home useand commercial use are commonly. More and more people find the opportunities ofthis industry because of the huge demand. But after they participate in thisindustry,they will find that the packaging industry is much more complex thanexpected. For example, there are three different kinds of packaging machines, vertical type,pillow type and bagpackaging machine. So how to choose the machines according to the materials? Ifthe materials are granules,which one is suitable?


1.Vertical packaging machine

2.Pillow packing machine

3.Bag packaging machine

Working Principle:

1.The packaged goods are transported to the entranceof the coiled materials or thin film by the conveying mechanism horizontally orvertically (at this time, the coiled materials or thin film has beencylindrical through the bag-making device, and the packed goods will enter thecylindrical packaging material), and then run synchronously, successivelythrough the procedures of heat sealing, air delivery (inflatable packaging) andcutting off process.

2.The working modes of the vertical and pillowpackaging machine are same. The difference is the property of the packagingmaterials.  Like liquid such asdetergent, soy sauce, vinegar, juice, beverages, ketchup, jam, chili sauce,bean paste and so on; Granules such as condiments, additives, crystallizedseeds, seeds, sugar, sugar, chicken essence and so on; Powder such asseasoning, milk powder, glucose, chemical seasoning, pesticides, fertilizersand so on, these bulk packaging is impossible to stand on the conveyor belt ofpillow type packaging machine, so you can use vertical packaging machine.

3.Compared with vertical packaging, pillow packagingis aimed at block, strip, ball and other relatively stylish individual items orintegrated items.For example, chocolate, biscuits, instant noodles,dry battery,small bread, soap and so on all belong to pillow type collection packaging.

4.Bag packaging machine meansplaced the preformed bags in the bag area. Bags are taken down and opened bythe manipulator, the wrappage fall into the bag. And then start the heatsealing, inflating, trimming and other processes.  Bag packaging machine can pack liquid, sauce,particles, powder, irregular blocks,it also can finished the packaging ofself-supporting bag, zipper bag, ziplock bag and handbag, suitable for specialbag packing.

So we can choose the packaging machines accordingto the following rules :

1.Vertical packing machine: suitable for fluid, bulkgranule, powder etc.

2.Pillow packing machine: it is suitable for the packingof individual or integrated items.

3.Bag-type packaging machine: it is applicable to thepackaging of various items that have requirements on the packaging bag, such asself-supporting bag, self-sealing bag, handbag and so on

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