Packaging machines to improve the overall strength of the response to market competition

Time: 2013-10-21

Packaging machinery and equipment in the developing vigorously promote outstanding achievements , and more intense competition in the market economy expanded. Capital into the 21st century, packaging machinery as a pillar industry of the national economy , the pace of development is very fast , there are many uncertain factors make packaging machinery have more opportunities and challenges. Face of market competition , with the core technology to enhance the overall strength of filling and packaging machines only have the core competitiveness in order to compete in the market in which the development of an advantage. If you do not belong to their own core technology , and then the comparison of foreign advanced technology ,Packing machine becomes dim irrelevant.
 Today 's packaging industry , the scientific division of the overall system is not perfect , and many a local small and medium enterprises in order to save manpower and resources to give up the research department of the settings , or allow departments to non-existent, so that high-tech development in the country is difficult to obtain a wide range of seriously, can not be good for the packaging machine technology updates can not be done, but also led to lower average domestic manufacturing capacity , high-performance packaging machinery shortages , low levels of packaging machinery can not meet the product packaging, and the quality is unstable , reach many customers requirements, which are also produced in other walks of a lot of bad influence.
 The emergence of this situation , resulting in many excellent place to display their talents domestic technology , the technical team 's overall level of specialization is not high. Science and technology are primary productive forces, high-tech production techniques led to the rapid development . To continuously improve the technological level , but also to the overall improvement of the overall strength , because now the industry competitive pressure is not small , and only realistic to enhance the overall strength of the mechanical done, under the pressure of competition in the market can also be Chuluanbujing .

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