Packaging machine for the Mid-Autumn Festival gift package plus cooked

Time: 2013-09-17
The annual Mid-Autumn Festival, will come, so gift cooked season has arrived. Cooked gift now become a fashion, is the preferred holiday gifts. The gift box is now cooked variety, but still can not do without the most basic food packaging machine. Packaging machine uses up to two sectors is the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry. The food industry is the most important, packaging machines in the food industry, the role is not questioned. In this golden season, packing machine for Mid-Autumn Festival is the most important of the ceremony - Gift cooked food packaging. We are the meat food packaging also has its own requirements:
(1) oxygen barrier for bacon, frankfurters, luncheon meat fast food in nature, requiring more of the applicable period of 60 days, this should have a good oxygen barrier, sealing must also be reliable sealing, vacuum packaging, sometimes a gas filling packaging to improve its pot life, reduce packaging costs.
(2) the transparent products must allow the purchaser to see and can determine whether this applies, this transparency is important.
(3) excellent resistance to cracking, especially under low temperature crack resistance is more important.
(4) pinhole resistance superior products often have an acute angle, therefore, pinhole resistance to prevent cracking down after packaging.
(5) Good heat sealing even in the presence of fats and oils, but also has good heat sealing, a high degree of thermal adhesive.
(6) If the producer felt easily openable oxygen barrier is required to allow the packaging should be easy to open characteristics, consideration should be given at the expense of other properties, use the easy-open structure material.
(7) re-closed cooked food packaging should have a repeat closed collection, which is why the packaging is opened, then restore the package sealed performance is more important.
Therefore, the packaging machine in the packaging process must pay attention to these issues in order to pack out a beauty cooked.

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