Continuous application and promotion of high-tech, raise the level of pillow packing machine

Time: 2013-09-04

As consumers become increasingly demanding products, high-performance, multi-functional pillow packing machine there is a broad market prospect. Our country is moving in the world packaging center of the goal, pillow packing machine technology and equipment to provide strong support.
Huge areas such as food packaging needs, pillow packing machine astonishing speed. Meanwhile intelligent, automated, controllable, compatibility of the technical requirements of the domestic packaging machinery manufacturing industry has put forward higher requirements.
China's packaging machinery industry is only as soon as technological innovation, close to the user, independent research and development operations to replace the blind introduction and imitation of the traditional model, in order to make China's packaging industry and the market's healthy development. In the current industry is facing a new round of restructuring, technological upgrading, product generation an important moment, the domestic enterprises to go through independent innovation, depth of digestion.
Pillow packing machine main function is to achieve accurate position control and strict speed synchronization requirements, and continuously through technology upgrading and optimization, to achieve high-end packaging equipment in China.
The future direction of development of the industry through continuous application and promotion of high-tech, armed and strengthened the industry's overall water. Efforts.

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