"Exceptional" performance is granule packing machine market-based guarantee

Time: 2013-08-28

Granule packing machine, packaging machinery as one, and has been widely used, has become a good helper for many manufacturers. From granular foods, condiments to granular chemical fertilizer, etc., are inseparable from the contribution of particle packing machine, granule packing machine can be said that not only can fill good fluidity powder granular materials, but can also fill illiquid powder granular materials. Packaging process high degree of automation, the error is small, but also according to the different materials, the replacement capacity to meet different measurement cup packaging. Granule packing machine has been known for its excellent performance in terms of packaging enterprises have been widely used.
Granule packing machine, packaging material of choice in a very wide range, can be used, such as rice, millet, corn and other food packaging, can also be used for feed, fertilizer powder packaging, very broad scope. The material was drunk
Process, the flow of materials has been restricting the development of particle packing machine problems, mechanical quick study after the New Year, the current launch of the particle packing machine, excellent performance, a good solution to the previous process, the material easy flow, causing blockage of the production problems. Coupled with the introduction of modern technology, high degree of automation, high production efficiency, measurement accuracy standards, the perfect solution to a long-term has been plagued by problems.

Fast machine after years of research, the introduction of volumetric particle packing machine can be used for packaging pesticides, veterinary drugs, seeds, medicine, fodder, desiccant, salt, MSG, soup, tea, etc., and free-flowing granular products, and bags can be made side sealing, four sides sealing, pillow cover and other shapes, to meet consumer demand for packaging diversity, welcome to the Franciscan GF manufacturers purchase.

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