How to Ensure the sauce is authentic?

Time: 2013-08-23

The development of a long history of sauce, can be traced back thousands of years BC. This sauce is in constant cultural heritage, but also the gain we learn. Since reform and opening, condiments industrial oils great development, people's living standards improve efforts, but also makes the aspects of eating more elaborate, with the introduction of Western culture, people are increasingly snowball sauce large, the desired species are more and more. Countries have attached great importance to this development, many places to establish a special sauce Institute of Brewing sauce made a lot of contributions.
Why sauce products will be that not many people love it? That depends on its brewing raw materials and other nutritional value. Sauce fermentation products nutritious, easy to absorb and digest, which can be eaten alone as a dish can also be used for other vegetable condiments. With its unique color, aroma, taste, and, sauce is still relatively cheap prices, which more consumers receive it.
Making sauce is also very particular about, not only to master the fermentation time, but also master the salinity and temperature of fermentation, so as to guarantee that the color, flavor and taste. However, the only long-term guarantee of manufacturing to want authentic sauce, this is somewhat difficult. We buy in the supermarket are guaranteed a good sauce to facilitate long-term storage of sauce. This had attributed sauce electric filling machine, oil it easy for all kinds of sauce filling, better to keep the sauce sauce nutrition, sealed authentic sauce, also extended the sauce category Save time. So that no matter when and where we are, as long as a sauce to eat, you can buy authentic sauce products.

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