Era of progress needs to go filling machine integration, diversification

Time: 2013-08-21
Due to some specific historical reasons, our machinery manufacturing industry compared to the international advanced level there is not a small gap. Packaging machinery for the packaging industry, the status quo is also true, as a common tool for filling and packaging industry machinery products, also has this status quo. Despite the late start compared to abroad, but with the recent science and technology continues to improve and continue to introduce advanced foreign technology, or let our filling machine has been rapid development, and toward automation, intelligent direction to continue moving forward. Past filling machinery mostly using manual operation, performance instability, low productivity, and prone to failure and a waste is a serious problem, a serious impact on the company's production and profits, almost became constrained enterprises and social development of the key factors.

In recent years, as science and technology continues to improve, especially since the reform and opening up, the introduction of foreign technology and domestic first manufacturers of self-study, making our filling machinery technology has made great strides. Currently foreign advanced technology are generally toward fully automated, intelligent direction, and after years of research, the production of our own filling equipment, are moving in this direction constantly close. High degree of automation machinery, manpower can be completely liberated, greatly improving production efficiency, but also effectively prevent waste problems. Efficiency, will inevitably bring about the improvement of production enthusiasm, motivation to improve, will be motivated to improve, it will bring increasing corporate profits and thus to accelerate faster development of society. The current filling machine has been widely used in many industries manufacturing process, played a very important role.

With the continuous development and growing daily necessities, the traditional filling machinery production has been difficult to meet the daily needs of the future will surely toward highly automated filling machine, intelligent direction. Faced with such rapid development trend of machinery, has been constantly working to improve and perfect the technology, has been manufacturing a variety of automatic filling machine, simple operation, high efficiency, easy maintenance, are welcome. Swift will continue to strengthen its future technology research and development work, and strive to create a better society for the needs of filling machinery.

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