Looking at the domestic aimed at the international market, the continuous development of forward Dongtai filling machine

Time: 2013-08-19


As science and technology continue to improve, China's industrial equipment level has been greatly improved. Automatic filling machine is a product update brings technology, and its excellent characteristics of high-performance packaging industry has become the darling of automatic filling machine has been working hard, struggling to move forward. After several years of continuous efforts, our homemade filling equipment with the world advanced level of technology although there is a gap between the countries, but the gap is slowly shrinking. We still need to continue efforts to strive for an early realization of our dream of flying to the world. Now the entire high-end devices have become an inevitable trend of development of the industry, not only the complete liberation of the labor force, to achieve a real intelligent filling, but also to ensure the health and safety of the filling process, actually promotes the growth of the business interests.

    Analysis of the current status of the domestic filling machinery shows that although the technology is still not perfect, but has been far behind the international advanced level, international convergence, is not problem. Technically, is the use of international opportunities and advanced components, exterior design is reasonable, beautiful and compact, space, the operation is very simple, so that customers can quickly start. Filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted, high precision filling, Filling head adopts anti-leakage, anti-pull and lifting filling device, automatic filling machine can be modified according to customer demand bull, explosion-proof, spill flow filling system. Automatic filling machine truly achieve the automation of business production, cost savings, improved production efficiency, bringing corporate earnings continue to grow.
In science and technology, driven by our nation's filling machines have made great progress, not only in terms of quality has been greatly improved, but also in terms of technology development by leaps and bounds, so we achieved from hand to semi-automatic, automatic direction of development. Packing efficiency, not only can operate stand-alone, but also with the entire bottling line operation. Swift machinery to face competition in the market and improve their skills and strive for China's packaging machinery to the world to contribute their strength.

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