People rely on clothes horse saddle, good fruit but also packaging liner

Time: 2013-08-17

The so-called "People rely on clothes horse saddle" Of course, high-quality fruits have good packaging foil can sell a good price.
With the accelerated pace of people's daily work, rich in nutrition and health food, environmental awareness, and its packaging for fruit in the future will inevitably raise many new requirements. Vacuum packaging machine is to help people solve the environmental pollution and
Extend the shelf life of food and other problems, and can improve the value and quality of products, so warmly welcomed by the people.
Vacuum packaging machine for ordinary families and maybe some strange, but for some fruit vendors, cooked manufacturers too familiar. Commonly used vacuum packaging machine has a single chamber and dual-chamber two kinds of vacuum packaging machine can effectively prevent lipid oxidation Hao
Oxygen bacteria caused decay and deterioration of items, preservation, security flavor, color capabilities, prolonging the storage time, while some of the soft items, vacuum packaging can reduce packaging volume for easy use and storage.

In order to make better use of vacuum packaging machine, you should note the following:
A vacuum pump motor does not allow reverse, but also to be cleaned at regular intervals.
2 vacuum packaging machine in ambient air should be no corrosive gas, no dust, no explosive environments,
Maintaining the temperature at -10 ℃ -50 ℃.
3 monthly check inlet filter and exhaust filter. Once a year, replace the exhaust filter, clean or replace air intake filter.


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