Filling machine technology to stimulate market demand, continue to move forward

Time: 2013-08-05
Currently filling machine market is often a shortage phenomenon, resources are very tight. Many companies are constantly out of the traditional filling machine equipment, filling equipment, mostly because the traditional single operation of the main, it is difficult to meet the fast growing market now spending, often leading to the market.
Product shortage situation. Therefore, you want to ease the strain on the resources filling the market situation, the filling machine must deepen reform and renewal, the development of a new type of high-end equipment to increase market share. For example, some sauce filling machine and other products have been some structural reforms, in order to facilitate the use of the manufacturers with the filling machine market demand continues to expand, filling machine technology is also imperative to improve, is imminent. The success of many new technological elements to join, so filling machine market into a new round of high tide. The successful use of high pressure air for filling machine development has injected fresh blood.
High pressure air in the filling machines are used, the filling will be required prior to filling a container attached to the inner wall of water sucked, but also form the container relative vacuum, easy filling. After filling, labeling bottles drying. The aircraft is also composed by a high-pressure fan, you need to install the bottle conveying line use, the bottle will be the first drops of water through the high pressure turbine wind blew, and drying, simultaneously, improve efficiency. I think only we do everything, there will be more production companies take the initiative to choose us, this will be the beginning of success. In the "new filling machine Dongtai deductive style", the Dongtai reject device to imitate, through innovation in the filling machine market to flex its muscles.

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