Improve the overall level of vacuum packaging machine is fundamental to its development

Time: 2013-07-24
   With the field of packaging requirements continue to increase, more secure, environmentally friendly vacuum packaging equipment to become one of the areas of concern. Our vacuum packaging equipment development started late, although the overall level of the current industry has made great improvement, but compared with developed countries and there are still some gaps.
    Packet transfer not only the product beautiful coat, it is important to protect clothing products. With food and drug safety issues increasingly become the focus of public attention, some of the traditional packaging materials and packaging machinery gradually being new materials and new machinery replaced, this is technology development and market competition is inevitable. Vacuum packaging machine there, making the production of the packaging industry has made substantial progress in the production of quality and quantity have a historic change.
Domestic vacuum packaging machinery manufacturers increasing vacuum packaging machine in terms of performance, technology, price competition has become increasingly fierce, companies want to get development, we must choose the right path of development. China packaging machine standardization status, the industry can not meet the actual needs of rapid development of industry, and the realization package consists of the "big" to "strong", urgently need to enhance the level of industry-wide standardization.
    Domestic vacuum packaging equipment market is in rapid growth phase, therefore establish industry standardization system, to enhance the overall industry technology and quality level is very urgent. Only by establishing a complete industrial system, enterprise development to lay a solid foundation, to grasp the initiative in development.

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