Granule packaging machine development but also new technologies do support

Time: 2013-07-12

Granule packing machine because the product more stringent requirements on weight, so the particles weighing packaging machine to be more precise and reduce errors.
Granule packaging machine uses imported said that this was placed in the machine, said conveyor, product packaging is the first step when weighing each bag of product weight must be consistent with advanced computer technology can Weight the error reduced to 0 ~ 1kg, so small error is fine other packaging equipment weighing system can not do, which is granule packing machine as the packaged products weighing own research and development of new technologies. In the application of packaging equipment, weighing technology has been very extensive, and many of the automated intelligent packaging equipment are added on the basis of weighing this a new feature of the product in order to achieve self-weighing machinery to accurately product weight. Granule packing machine is based on the original technology coupled with the weighing technology, but with other packaging equipment is different, this weighing technology has been further innovation.
Granule packing machine adopts programmable control system, automatic measuring, filling, bag making, date printing to the product transportation and other process, and can be equipped with different electronic weighing systems, technology continues to improve, the particle packing machines are constantly engaged in system upgrades.
Weighing technology generally has been applied in the case packing machine were a new innovation, the mechanical load on the products to be more precise, to ensure the weight of each bag products are the same, which is why we build a fair part of the community . Currently, domestic enterprises due to lack of sufficient attention to R & D and innovation and investment, resulting in domestic enterprises are still unable to produce a higher degree of automation, high-speed devices, can not catch up with the progress of foreign manufacturers of innovation. China's packaging machinery industry to avoid weaknesses, do not abandon the introduction and absorption, based on the full attention of the equipment investment in R & D and innovation, in order to better products, more thoughtful design, more adequate support and more sophisticated manufacturing, to impress both domestic and international customers.

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