Like spicy chili sauce filling machine is not how

Time: 2013-07-11
As we all know, like spicy Sichuanese is notoriously. Whether in your own home, or in the hotel, pepper are essential. The chili sauce on the table as a common condiment, each region has a different flavor of chili sauce. Chili sauce with antipyretic analgesic, increased appetite, lipid-lowering diet, prevention of cancer and other functions. Like spicy, how no chili sauce filling machine? Today, Xiao Bian gave you about chili sauce filling machine.
Chili sauce filling machine mainly for paste-like materials with particles and filling viscous materials and design, spicy sauce, hoisin sauce, fish sauce, barbecue sauce, rose sauce, fragrant sauce, beef sauce, beans identified sauce, salad sauce, bibimbap sauce sauce filling, is the ideal particle slurry viscosity fluid filling equipment. Jinan quick in advanced filling machine technology, based on the improved design, simple structure, easy in operation, filling accuracy, filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted.
Chili sauce has a vast potential for development, the seasons transform, chili sauce will not be out of the market, but also laid the chili sauce filling machine good development prospects. Jinan quick as a professional manufacturer of filling machines, has been the best-selling product is the chili sauce filling machine, deep in the majority of new and old customers.

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