I want my colors, unique personality bagged the oil filling machine

Time: 2013-07-02

This is one of the era, with the motherland a vibrant blossoming flowers, this is a pluralistic society, businesses unique color in the packaging industry,
Oil filling machine bagged unique personality, fling in packaging machinery, bloom own glory.
Most of the previous oil barrels or bottled, bagged now become a fashion, not only beautiful personality, but also more cost-effective, green. Designed for quick bagged bagged edible oil filling and design, simple operation, easy to use, open up a new world for the oil filling. It is an alternative to traditional drum edible oil, can be fully automated complete bag making, filling, measuring, sealing, cutting, date printing, such as packaging the whole process, using pneumatic drive, PLC control, modular design, machine components are stainless steel, reliable, easy operation, use and maintenance more convenient. Unique optical calibration device can also guarantee a complete pattern appearance, packaging materials be sterilized by ultraviolet radiation, extend product shelf life, is indeed large bags of edible oil products to achieve the ideal automatic packaging equipment.
Oil filling bags unique personality will become the darling of the manufacturer, combined with personalized care approach, will certainly be able to play better advantage. Swift recommend that you: a general body of stainless steel shell, do not use sharp, hard too sharp scraping the surface; factory plus a good edible oil filling machine has been lubricated, please do not open any mechanical or add oil; in the piston before filling machine washing, filling machines should be cleaned inside the surplus product, and then filled with a soft inner tank cleaning fluid.

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