Packaging machine industry automation problems

Time: 2013-06-30

China in the development of automatic packaging machines has made more than ten years of effort, constantly in quantity, variety and in quality, technology has made great progress, but for modern production requirements old said that this is not enough, then it should be to further develop the job, so before that we should identify their own shortcomings and deficiencies, automatic packaging machine for so many years throughout the development process, not difficult to find our automatic packaging machine industry, there are some obvious insufficient, can be summarized as follows:
1.A low-level repetitive production of more products. Such as small automatic sealing machine, small food production equipment, small filling machines, the technical difficulty of these devices, low cost, fast start, so many companies will select these devices as the "Getting Started" products, in order to accumulate funds and then the glorious future, but this will inevitably result in product duplication, but also led to the buy out, they will naturally affect the equipment updates, and ultimately makes it difficult to improve production levels.
2, high-tech products has not yet been produced.
3, self-development capacity is weak. On the one hand is a late start in this area, yet to find out the laws of the market; the other is weak scientific and technological strength, high-tech talent resources.
4, the prevalence of reliability problems. Automatic packaging machines, the company will not pay attention to product quality, mainly in two directions: one's own machining parts, some lack of precision, some material is not good, some not heat the heat treatment, forging the forging of not so equipment encountered a big problem, which is the company behind the main automatic packaging machines, packaging products large deviation rejection rate.
5, product protection can not be taken seriously. Enterprises in the automatic packaging machine security measures taken less, such as: protective cover, protective doors majority is not installed, although with some, but not to implement safety chain, only as passive protection. Especially for heavy bags, labor-intensive, security is even more crucial, so be sure to pay sufficient attention.

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