New opportunities to promote the development of new powder packaging machine

Time: 2013-06-28

Recently the state has adopted a new policy on milk, in the future we want to buy milk later, probably in drugstore. Milk problems that have been criticized our problem, the introduction of this rule, for the inevitable future of milk has a positive effect.
Speaking of milk powder, and the powder packaging machine is bound to link together, along with automation, intelligent technology introduction, domestic powder packaging machine in the overall level of development of a major step forward in. Powder packaging machine is also more responsive to market demand, more efficient, safer intelligent powder packaging machine started gaining popularity, only a strong science and technology, our technology will be stronger. Packaging machine will put more technology into the come in, the new law on the emergence of milk come to us, but also a new opportunity and challenge, powder packaging machine should suit our needs, but should improve their level begins.
We Dongtai company is the first to bring advanced technology first introduced into the powder packaging machine R & D to production, and in the development of active introduction of advanced technology, strong independent innovation, after several decades of expertise to create only the achievements of today brilliant position, Dongtai powder packaging machine not only for the development of China's packaging machinery industry to add color by color, but also for the development of the domestic economy has played a significant role in the milk after the storm, we will use with rigorous attitude, contribute to the development of the packaging machine.

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