Summer hot, Dongtai paste filling machine to help you win the Battle of the skin sunscreen

Time: 2013-05-26

     Summer has come, the face of such enemy, I believe many beauty of the MM have already opened the Battle of skin whitening sunscreen, as the weather is getting hot, the skin exposed to the sun, is bound to cause great harm. Heart of beauty in everyone, so in this summer, paste filling machine there make many beauty who easily over the summer.
    We usually use sunscreen, BB cream, concealer, cream, etc. Dingzhuang are to undergo cosmetic cream paste filling machine packaging fortunately into the market, so we have a good skin cream filling machine credit oh . Dongtai brand paste filling machine is designed for cream filling products for reasonable safety of new filling equipment, its main manufacturing process is the use of compressed air as power, by a precision pneumatic components constitute an automatic filling system, in the original filling equipment to be improved on the basis of performance and fixes, to create products and services designed for the new cream filling machinery. In the daily production process, the main use of the single-head liquid filling machine, double cream filling machine, semi-automatic paste filling machine, automatic paste filling machine, which works through the cylinder driven by a piston to extract and play materials, with the three-way diverter valve controls the flow of materials, magnetic switch adjustment by moving the cylinder stroke and filling volume, a paste filling machine has not become a piston liquid filling machine.
The paste filling machine filling machine introduction of foreign advanced technology, carried out further reform and innovation, its structure is more simple and reasonable precision, the operation more convenient, is ideal for enterprise machinery.
     Why not, in this summer so we pulled together Dongtai paste filling machine skin sunscreen Battle it!

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