Academic specializing in the Dongtai sauce filling machine for you to add new taste

Time: 2013-05-12

Wen Road has industry specializing in surgery, that is to know the truth after the first, each academic skills specializes in. In other words, anything that has the strengths and skills of his existence, is the professional specializing in the right remedy. With the continuous development of the economy, commodity markets, increasing competitive pressure, many businesses in order to meet the consumer's key to their goods are labeled professional labels. For example, our daily lives, often with a plastic bag, which is most common, but businesses are put in the eyes, the difference between big food plastic bag is designed to serve food; drugs special plastic bags, specifically in hospitals, pharmacies and other places to hold the drugs, as well as vegetable special plastic bags, is specialized to hold the vegetables and fruit plastic bag, needless to say, is specialized in full bloom fruit ; and even garbage has professional garbage bags. So academic specializing in ", so to meet sauce sauce products in the market, the Dongtai launched a professional sauce filling machine not only conforms to the specific needs of the market, you can also add life to our little new elements .
Sauce filling machine is designed for relatively large viscosity, the product of the market in the thick sauce filling ensure that the equipment is suitable for seasoning with larger particles and concentration chili sauce, bean paste, peanut butter, sesame paste, jam, the butter pot bottom material, oil pot at the end material, such as the thick sauce filling. Sauce filling machine is a thick sauce filling machine, sauce filling machine The filling machine is generally divided into two types, one is a double-headed sauce filling machine, one is stirring sauce filling machine.
Double-headed sauce filling machine is a new generation of thick sauce filling machine, this machine uses a piston metering, mechanical and electrical, pneumatic, controlled by the PLC, compact structure, reasonable design, accurate filling, stable and reliable work high efficiency, long life, simple maintenance. Stir sauce filling machine adopts photoelectric automatic control system, the unique piston filling in the form, either continuous filling, you can also free filling machine. Horizontal mixing structure, to ensure adequate mixing of butter and oil, greatly improve the filling performance and measurement accuracy.
Two sauce filling machine, the interpretation of the different filling process with the same professional filling technology, they have their own strengths, and each have their own characteristics, can be professional specializing in. Science and technology as the main Dongtai thick sauce filling machine full play to our strengths, to become the best-selling in the market filling equipment in the country's success is one of our start, the swift will use our technology in the international on the stage to break their own piece of the sky. "" Dongtai dream "into filling dream to unite the power of youth, Dongtai filling machine will continue to health as the theme to improve our equipment, with a professional look to the sauce filling machine development, and make due contributions to the development of sauce products industry in China.

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