The summer heat packaging machine cleaning and maintenance how to do?

Time: 2013-05-07
Packaging machine failure are generally there because of the extra wear and tear of the parts. So, you want to eliminate hidden dangers, reducing wear between the two parts is a must! The packaging machine the procurement came back just will certainly be a period of adjustment after a period of, at this time, the various components are brand new, even if the manufacturer of the re-refined, can not do a perfect smooth, so there will be a run-in period. After a smaller wear of the running-in period, the machine will enter the a smooth wear period. In this steady period, if not adequate lubrication occurs between the parts of the machine a normal wear. Over time, various parts of life will be greatly cut short, so the machine will generate a hidden danger. Packaging machine, must be in strict accordance with the instructions to operate on, and it regularly for maintenance. The machine should always maintain a clean, sanitary and dry conditions, in all aspects of the machine to keep tightening, lubrication, anti-corrosion. Cycle in accordance with the strict implementation of the various maintenance work, reducing the wear rate of the part to eliminate the hidden dangers of failure to extend the life of the machine.
Summer heat struck, to see packaging machine maintenance methods.
Each class on a regular basis to check all moving parts and lubrication conditions and at any time to add a little 20 # lubricating oil or grease sister. Otherwise it will seriously affect the life of the machine;
The class regularly check clear clean transverse heat sealing copper block end face of the foreign body, does not allow scaling phenomenon, otherwise, could easily lead to thermal conductivity did not fall, the higher the temperature of the copper block, transverse heat sealing heat cutting bag abnormal;
(3) When the equipment is not in use, should be promptly residue rinsing with clean water pipeline, or the residue deterioration will affect the product quality of service, if necessary, but should be the next infusion plastic pipes do not pull hair brush, and wipe in a timely manner clean machine, keep dry and clean;
Regular cleaning of the dust of the electronic control box, prevent poor contact failure. Newly installed machinery in the week of transmission and moving parts must be checked fastening, refueling and maintenance;
After the shutdown should clean the metering section, unusual circumstances, should immediately cut off the power to exclude before reuse.

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