Analysis of edible oil filling machine operation

Time: 2013-05-03

Along with social progress, our standard of living has also improved a lot, more and more demand for oil, edible oil filling machine there is a very wide range of applications, then the edible oil filling machine installation and precautions "We also introduced edible oil filling machine operation What is the process? We take a look at it!
Edible oil filling machine operation What is the process:
1 bottle conveying line passing bottles after bottle feeding trackwheel institutions, the accuracy of the bottles sent to the fully automatic oil filling machine dial. Pre-use check: After the machine is installed, the power is turned on, commissioning three-phase motor running in the right direction to ensure that the compressed air pressure and flow, check the motor bearings need to add oil, non-oil-free operation, normal before they start the machine, while observing the various parts of whether or loose fasteners to be part of the run in stable condition, before normal use.
2 bottles will rotate, hold the bottles after soft-care organizations, the mouth and the automatic oil filling machine filling valve contact open automatically after filling. Filling machine equipment no foreign objects (such as tools, rags, etc.);
3 After filling, the bottles automatically dial into the bottle conveying line, the end of the whole process. Filling machine does not allow abnormal noise and vibration, if any, should be immediately shut down, check the reason is definitely not the adjustments on rotating parts in the operation of the machine
4 Check safety facilities function correctly. Protection should be safe, reliable, non-wear clothing caught by moving parts (such as scarves, bracelets, watches, etc.); long hair, wear a hair restraint
5 against water and other liquids to clean the electrical unit, the cleaning should wear overalls, gloves, glasses, etc., to prevent strong acid, alkali corrosion, someone must monitor the machine is running, do not use tools or other objects close to the machine.
Before starting double-check whether all the reservoir material, chain plate Have stuck the debris conveyor belt, track reservoir-cap bottle, water, power, gas source is turned on until the various conditions are ready, the power indicator light, fault indicator, emergency stop lamp does not light, the start conditions are met, the control box and touch screen switch, the whole start to run into the external washing, rinsing, filling automatic work stop at the filling and the control box press the stop button to turn off the main power control cabinet, after the shutdown.
Edible oil filling machine operation is kind of a brief introduction, I believe we have a deeper understanding of the edible oil filling machine, if you want to learn more about the content of the edible oil filling machine, can directly contact us.

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