Market demand determine the market space, the potential for the development of the domestic packaging machine

Time: 2013-04-26

     China is a populous country, "Food", the food industry occupies a very important position in the national economy, the food industry will be greater development of China's economic well-off transition from subsistence to packaging machinery is crucial to improve the rate of food packaging food packaging rate in the United States, Japan and Europe were 90%, 80% and 70%, while China is only 5%, so a huge potential for development of packaging machinery. A manifestation of the effects of packaging is that the aesthetic appearance of the extent and quality of packaging and packaging machine for packaging of all kinds of food, medicine, chemical raw materials, such as solid, powder, paste, liquid, electronic products and metal processing parts. After packing machine packaging products can effectively prevent oxidation, mold, insects, moisture, thus can be kept fresh prolonged storage period. packaging machine development has brought us more efficient, quality, green living, we should fully support the development of the industry in the future advances in technology, continuous development of advanced packaging technology.
The development of the packaging machinery industry is indispensable equipment in the production of modern society, especially in this era of efficient pursuit of material life, product quality, practicality must have superiority, how to promote the effective development of the packaging machinery industry, further product packaging more innovation, both to highlight all aspects of product performance and features, yet practical manifestation of the nature. Packaging machinery development trend, the generally high efficiency, automation, miniaturization and the provincial direction of development, and seeks to use the new technology to create a new situation. Mechanical technology, speed, stability, durability, energy efficiency, materials, low noise, and many ordinary like very work-technology research projects, professional and technical personnel are sparing no effort to study, to material progress will be able to rapidly because of packaging machinery is essentially constituted by a mechanical technology, it is easy to become advanced countries catch up with the object, but that require experience in the design and processing technology of advanced models or key components, was not easy to catch up, Some can not rely on patent confidential technology, to be imitated go Therefore, as long as we actively to study, will design a state-of-the-art packaging machine.
        In the packaging machinery industry, such as the packaging machine industry, its use popular in many other industries, such as food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical industry, and so on, the simple appearance of the volume, its fast, ultra-precise packaging high efficiency with the general packaging machine irreplaceable easy to operate, that is safe and ideal packaging machine equipment. packaging machines, commodity market in the market need to go through a series of packaging, and packaging enterprises to promote merchandising means especially food industry, sealed, moisture, pollution prevention is very important for the food industry, so as the packaging machine industry continues to grow and develop, a variety of particles, vacuum, pillow type packaging machine achievements of more people in need protection products, improve product promotions.
Market will have a competitive, modern market economy environment in order to survive a pressure thing, the development of the packaging machine is not only pressure from the domestic market, more the foreign advanced packaging machine manufacturer lurking around in order to cracks embark on a road of development, it is necessary to constantly surpass themselves, to break the shackles of the way of packaging machine is the best. packaging machine of the road also need the technology, so we should make great efforts to research and development applied to the packaging machine green environmental technology, packaging machines in the green at the same time more efficient, smarter, more automated, more accurate packaging packing machine for domestic to international to create a wide avenues!

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