North-south differences in climate liquid filling machine

Time: 2013-04-09

Latitude the height of the sun, so that China's north and south of the amount of solar radiation, which is the dominant factor affecting the climate of North-South differences in China. Wet weather in the South, more rain; northern contrary, is less rainfall and relatively dry. What is the impact of our liquid filling machine for North-South climate differences, let us work together to explore: the period of strong sales of liquid filling machine than the northern summer, hot summer, people like to use iced drinks drinks quench their thirst, a lot of drinks manufacturers is also during this period began issuing new new flavors to holding a hot beverage peak period. So he led the sales volume of the liquid filling machine, there is a season is a product called winter, winter liquid filling machine oil filling machine packaging machinery products is gratifying sales of yore it, The reason is that the winter demand for edible oil market in short supply, so the oil refinery owners will purchase a large number of edible oil filling machine to complete production filling. Know the impact of climate of the northern liquid filling machine its strong period, together continue to focus on the demand of the South liquid filling machine.
Temperature difference between the North and South Weather contrast
Winter, the temperature difference between the northern and southern reach more than 40 degrees, compared with the same latitude in the world, our country from south to north, winter temperatures are relatively low 5 - 18 degrees. The summer southwest warm air around the country, high temperatures, precipitation, less temperature difference between north and south, in July, for example, a difference of only 6 degrees Guangzhou Harbin. Most northern Heilongjiang Mohe many years of summer, Hainan Island, rainy and dry seasons, four seasons, the annual high temperature hot weather. Huaihe River, Yangtze River Basin four distinct seasons. The southern part of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, Kunming, as in spring. Spring, in the south in March and April, long spring, however, the scenery of the North or snowy with one of the ice, A thousand Piao winter weather.
For liquid filling machine can be said that in the south of the popularity of uninterrupted throughout the year, the four seasons is not a huge difference in the temperature, the weather can be compared with the Northern describe the four seasons such as spring, so sales are not liquid filling machine What is peak and a downturn in sales of differences.

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