Temperatures are uncertain, air pollution, Jinan Dongtai remind the public attention to their health

Time: 2013-03-28
Foggy today Jinan still more severe pollution, there are three stations of the Air Quality Index (AQI) limit is reached again 500 that "burst table. According to the key cities nationwide air quality monitoring data platform, Jinan City, the air pollution index of 500, has once again become the most pollution in the country, two consecutive days, ranking the country's top air pollution. Jinan Dongtai packaging machine company to remind everyone to go out with a mask to prevent disease from the mouth. Read the news to know Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting on the 27th, which it is mentioned on air quality related issues. The meeting pointed out that the starting point and goal of the government work to protect and improve people's livelihood. To increase employment opportunities through the stable economic growth and the adjustment of economic structure. Improve the social security system, focusing on efforts to solve the problems of people with special difficulties. Regulation of the real estate market to continue to do a good job, a long-term mechanism to speed up the establishment of real estate stable and healthy development, and to strengthen the construction of affordable housing projects. To improve the regulatory system, improve food and drug safety and the safety of the production level of protection. To take measures in the key areas targeted to strengthen governance highlight the problem of pollution of air, water, soil, concentrate forces to fight the battle, so that the people see hope. It can be seen that the government is also attached considerable importance to the air pollution control, the Dongtai packaging machinery company is very supportive of the principle of air pollution control, and I hope we can live in a safe environment, to breathe healthy air.

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