Contending Filling Machines innovation

Time: 2013-03-26
       Whether domestic or international competition in the packaging industry in full swing, big to various countries, small domestic enterprises at full draw talent, trying to be innovative in technology, the filling machine market appear on the unprecedented flourishing, contending, flourishing. Filling machine manufacturers will certainly cater to the needs of consumers in consumer demand incentive for reform and innovation of the filling machine, despite the process of the Eight Immortals, recount, but their real purpose or for filling machine innovation better meet the production needs.
        Now the domestic filling machine technology matures, gradually many types of filling machine, liquid filling machine, granule filling machine, paste filling machine, as well as edible oil filling machine, filling machine types increase production more refinement, progress continued in production efficiency and precision filling machine to become the darling of the production sector. A hundred schools of thought contend, so increasingly fierce competition in the filling machine industry, under the competition is bound to technological progress inevitably introduce new filling machine toward the development of a more perfect direction.

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