The rapid development of the domestic packaging machine

Time: 2013-03-05
The rapid development of the domestic packaging machine

   Automatically after China's entry into the WTO, after the introduction of foreign products, coupled with the founding of New China
After the improvement of people's living standards, product packaging has become a non-product sales or
Lack of methods. Packing machine is the product packaging machine to machine, the product plays a protective U.S.
The concept of the role.
    The pipeline overall production of the packaging machine packaging is mainly applied to food, medicine, as well as chemical and other industries.
This process is mainly liquid (cream) filling machine, pillow packing machine, powder particle packing machine there
Automatic bag filling and packaging machine. Peripheral packaging equipment, mainly used for products produced,
Spray (to fight) the date of manufacture, sealing, shrink film, which mainly includes filling machine, sealing machine, coding machine, really
Empty machine, shrink machine, vacuum packaging machine.
    Now, the domestic packaging machine is no longer as in previous years technologically backward, unable to meet the domestic product package
Loading demand. Today, the domestic packaging machinery business to learn through their own efforts and innovation, has research
System out of a packaging machine suitable for domestic variety of product packaging, and these machines are not only easy to operate, is more important
Its greatly improve the efficiency of product packaging and packaging quality. A packaging machine on the market are also varied, with a single
Position, as well as multi-bit. A liquid, and also paste and powders. Semi-automatic
, While also fully automatic packaging machines. Manufacturers are free to choose according to their needs

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