Shrinking machine challenge traditional packaging

Time: 2013-02-27
Shrinking machine challenge traditional packaging

Let's look at the traditional packaging, packing for more products, mostly by carton.
Line packaging, and some even appeared no packaging simple rope or tape to bind the package
Mounted not only affects the appearance of the packaging, and is not convenient. Shrinking machine listed on the traditional packaging hair
From the challenge.

Shrinking machine using the shrinkage of the transparent film of the PE, PV, PC, etc. for packaging, relatively speaking price of these materials
Grid comparison of low-cost, and greatly reduce the cost of our packaging, and also using different specifications
Contraction, have two bottles of contraction, also 10 bottles contraction. Shrink machines have higher requirements, the best
Amount to achieve versatility. This shrink packaging also facilitate the long-distance transport. The now shrinking machine application
Has been widely promoted. The packaging also give their goods a good chance to show, so
The majority of consumers can truly understand the heart of the product. Also avoids With packaging have a
Inside and outside a different situation. The the shrinking machine sales market is very optimistic.
Shrink film packaging also to some extent to improve the grade of the product. Become a good pro
Pin means. Now the supermarket many drinks, beer, and other out of buy two get one free promotions, mostly using the closing
Shrinking machine for packaging. It has a strong market advantage compared with traditional packaging. So it is listed on the open
A good start. The traditional packaging forming a strong market impact. But it in some skills
Aspects to be improved. Now shrink packaging if individuals carry some inconvenient place to
It is designed to a laptop with a convenient. This will be more convenient. Our shrinking machine there is a big
Space for development. Improve the flexibility of the device. Better for us to make our equipment. Let's set
For closer to the needs of our customers.
Significant market advantage compared to traditional packaging, shrink machine, but there are still a lot of need to improve
I believe in the future will completely subvert the traditional packaging traditional packaging to completely withdraw from the world stage,
Let it be the protagonist of this industry.

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