Follow the market, the new filling machine and then set sail

Time: 2013-02-17
Follow the market, the new filling machine and then set sail

        With the development of the times, the filling machine applications more widely, not only in the food industry has been involved in medicine use. According to market trends, Dongtai develop a new philosophy of development, filling machine design efforts to improve the production efficiency of the equipment, to expand the scope of application of the product to follow the market, the new filling machine and then sail.
        Jinan Dongtai production filling machine to the complete filling of beverages, cosmetics and other products, is a good choice for enterprise products filling Dongtai has been in development continue to explore, to find new opportunities for development and active learning foreign advanced mode of production, design methods, development of ideas, combined with China's national conditions and improved effectiveness continue to transform the filling machine in the operating system, the structural design requirements reasonable, simple operation, the use of stainless steel material , to ensure the quality of the filling material.
       Filling machine as the market demand continues to expand the application fields, active and innovative, and constantly enhance the capability of independent innovation, so that in the various areas of the industry to fully show its filling effect

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