To carry the industry backbone to rely on high-quality filling machine

Time: 2013-01-28
To carry the industry backbone to rely on high-quality filling machine

        Filling Machine After decades of development, the team growing, in the well-known food and beverage
, Pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other industries are widely used, and rooted in these industries, filling machine market demand
Also a steady stream of gradual diversification with the function of the filling machine, operating more automated, more new
Hing industry applications, filling machine courage pick the backbone of the industry.
       As technology advances, the filling machine equipment more concise than before, high productivity, supporting finished
Good, a higher degree of automation, and so, increasingly rich product features. Market-oriented, to improve the technology containing
Amount of research and development of high efficiency and low consumption, marketing LO of large complete sets of equipment and high-tech products, features gradually
Refinement and diversification the direction move closer, filling machine industry development has become imperative. In addition to learning
Xi to improve filling machine technology, also need to be in other areas of advanced technology applications on the filling machine, such as machine
Electrical integration technology, heat pipe technology, remote control technology, so you can make the product a dramatic performance
Improve, improve equipment supporting production capacity.
       Jinan Dongtai future will continue to improve the filling machine equipment quality, promoting technological innovation, to compete in the market with high-quality and high-performance filling machine, to obtain highly recognized in the market.

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