Intelligent servo drive applications in packaging machinery

Time: 2013-01-22
Intelligent servo drive applications in packaging machinery

        Control and drive technology is a key structural areas of packaging machinery technology, intelligent servo drive
Use has all the advantages of digitization, packaging equipment and at the same time set a new industry standard, more and more
More functionality is transferred to the electronic drive system from the mechanical power shaft. Especially in food packaging, as product chemotactic
Diversity, stimulate greater demand for the flexibility of the device.
        Packaging machinery requirements are not very high, so the combination of programs that do a foundation can be a good
Meet the program by the higher-level control system, servo control systems, mechanical parts. Higher-level controller
Systems in general by the PLC and touch screen. The servo control system consists of a servo drive and servo motor.
Servo drive is in position mode, you need to accept pulse to control the servo motor. The user may be via the touch
The screen control, and ultimately the speed and direction of the motor to change the speed and direction of the motor is the transform of the the PLC output pulse and direction signals.
        Servo motor and drive implementation of the control system directly in the packaging machine instructions in the package
Wear industry has been widely used.

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