The main features of the vacuum packaging machine

Time: 2013-01-17
The main features of the vacuum packaging machine
   Vacuum packaging to protect the product from environmental pollution, and packaging to extend the shelf life of food, etc., can improve the value and quality of the product. Since the 1940s, vacuum packaging machine we have developed rapidly. In people's living and work areas, a variety of plastic vacuum packaging everywhere. Lightweight, sealed, preservation, corrosion, rust-proof plastic vacuum packaging throughout from food to pharmaceuticals, knitwear, manufactured from precision products to many other areas of metal processing plants and laboratories. Increasingly widespread application of vacuum packaging, promote the development of plastic vacuum packaging machines, but also put forward higher requirements.
  Currently, the vacuum packaging technology trends in the world today is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
1, high efficiency: high production efficiency vacuum packaging machine production efficiency from the development of several pieces per minute to tens.
2 automation: rotary vacuum chamber packaging machine has a very high degree of automation, multi-station. The machine filling and vacuum two turntable complete for the bags, feeding, filling pre sealing up the packages sent to the vacuum turntable.
3, the stand-alone multi-function: a single multi-function can be easily expanded use. Stand-alone multi-functional modular design, transformation and combination of functional modules, different packaging materials, packaging materials, packaging requirements apply to different types of vacuum packaging machine.
4, the group with the production line: the composition of the production line when a growing number of required functionality, all concentrated in a stand-alone will make a very complex structure, operation and maintenance is not convenient. Then the function is different from the combination of several machines to match the efficiency of success can be more complete production lines.
5, the use of new technology: packaging methods, extensive use of inflatable packaging to replace the vacuum-packed, closely combine the inflated ingredients, packaging materials and the inflatable packaging machine three; control technology, increased use of computer technology and micro-electronic technology; in sealing, the application of heat pipes and cold sealing technology. The adoption of these new technologies, vacuum packaging machines more efficient and intelligent.

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